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Computer woven label RZH_DNZM_50 - Computer weaving machine

Computer woven label RZH_DNZM_50

Reuners is professional customized brand,products are woven label,printed label,tags,hanging tablets,leather cards,stickers, plastic seals,bags,packing boxes.

  • 【Product】 : Computer woven label

  • 【Material】 : Dacron,cloth,cotton,nylon,cotton yarn,weft

  • 【Technology】 : Screen printing,embossing,printing,weaving selvage and trimming

  • 【Main Function】 : Labels for bags,garments,shoes,home textiles.

  • 【Customization】 : In accordance with customer demand,can also be customized according to our samples.





Features of the products:

◆ 1.Fire retardant:

Woven label is  flame retardant technology application in the real life, it is a kind of used to improve the combustible flammable materials combustion performance of special chemical additives, are widely used in flame retardant products. After being processed by flame retardant, it can effectively prevent, delay or terminate the flame propagation, thus achieving the flame retardant effect. In the household products to consider customers customized fire protection mark, flame retardant safety and non-toxic.

 2.Washable and Anti-fading

Using advanced weaving machine, material for high-grade polyester filament. Fine graphics, good fineness, after strict washing water test, washable, not fade.

 3.Free design customization

Customers provide the logo, free design of draft reference, dissatisfaction can be changed.

 4.Smooth material, no damage to the skin

Satin woven surface, such as silk, shiny, smooth feel, do not hurt the skin.

 5.The content is clear and beautiful

Flat surface texture, surface texture is more coarse , color is rich and clear, the price is affordable, also can customize various base and character color according to customer requirement.

6.Texture exquisite

Yarn with high density, surface of plain weave delicate texture, high-grade generous, compared with high density, price is a little bit higher, the content is clear and bright,with many customers choose , can according to customer requirements to customized various bottom color and word.






We often go out for exhibitions at home and abroad, such as Guangzhou Canton fair, Beijing ISPO, Shanghai ISPO, Bangladesh and Japan, etc.

...Slowly opening up European markets ,the woven label of Reuners have left footprints in many countries.



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