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Hanging tablets   RZH_DL_7 - leather card

Hanging tablets RZH_DL_7

Reuners is professional customized brand,products are woven label,printed label,tags,hanging tablets,leather cards,stickers, plastic seals,bags,packing boxes.

  • 【Product】 : Hanging tablets

  • 【Technology】 : Bronzing,color,printing,drip molding

  • 【Characteristic】 : Eco-friendly,fashion,durable,recyclable

  • 【Main Function】 : Clothing,home textiles,bags,umbrellas and other hanging objects.

  • 【Customization】 : In accordance with customer demand,can also be customized according to our samples.

Hanging  tablets  is one of the  widely used tools in clothing.The hanging tablets consists of two parts,Structural  have a molding, two in one, three in one, four in one and so on.Mainly by the rope, fork, plastic body, logo, ironing and other parts. Hanging tablets is an integral part of garment accessories and has brand effect.

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