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Clothing tag printing process experience

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 02, 2017

     In the clothing industry, the printing of the tag will show obvious color difference when it is cut. As for the cost, generally more professional printing tags (related signage design and key elements) manufacturers of spot printing technology is mature, so the relative four costs are not significantly increased, but the quality and color gamut can have very good promotion. Of course, choose four colors or spot colors, specific issues should be treated specifically, it is best to explain and communicate with customers, to obtain customer understanding.


   Relationship between colors

1: black, gold and silver and other dark or hiding power of the color is generally used to imprint, but if the color area is greater, you should be careful. Because the tag printing generally requires color full color, resulting in thicker ink layer, but the area of the printing will increase the risk of dirt. For other colors, after analyzing the depth relationship, you can also decide whether or not you need to imprint. From the perspective of printing registration, printing machine, love color imprint, because the product is small in size, sheet typesetting quantity, each version (the location of each printed sheet) registration requirement is high, some deep color leakage 0.1mm white felt very obvious. I plant in check samples generally require the entire sheet can not have leakage, even if there must be very slightly acceptable. In short, the principle is to pressure not set, taking into account changes in hue and dirt risk.

2: trap: Due to the high requirements for registration, stamping processing for color not, must trap treatment. Illustrator is usually used in stroke or trap command imprint function can meet the requirements of. Set the stroke imprinted on Attribute palette, to trap the purpose (Figure 2), width set according to the actual level of technology factory. Not too big, pay attention to the middle stroke online, so the stroke width should be set to 2 times the need. If the object is to be expand back to the background,the object color is use to stroke the object.If it is the backgroud to the object ,use the background color to stroke the object. You can also use the Patherfinder palette menu of the Trap command.

3: the same spot color, both on the spot and the color of the light, it is recommended to judge the amount of ink needed in the field, it is best to field and network outlets are divided into two versions. In this way, the amount of ink and ink can be controlled easily when printing, otherwise, the density of the spot can be easily reached, and the dot can hardly be printed and printed, and the dot density can not reach the requirement and the field density is not enough. This method is also applicable to the presence of large ink fields and fine lines or text with the same color.

4: barcode printing. Pay attention to the choice of bar code color and background color, as well as the size of the bar code zoom to ensure recognition. Many customers require barcode identification rate to reach a level.

5: the amount of typesetting or the size of the machine paper. Because of the high requirements of the registration, it is not suitable for too large paper opening. At the same time, the tag size is small and the number of typesetting is large, so it is usually short production.

Too much paper can cause waste and layout color is not easy to flatten. I generally experience 16 to 8 should be appropriate.
Printing because the machine paper size is small, so suitable for small format machine printing. Our factory used for tag printing are Heidelberg 52cm * 36cm format of the machine. In terms of machine color groups, many color groups provide greater efficiency because of the majority of spot colors. Heidelberg speed tyrant 52-4 higher efficiency, general tag single color number in less than 8, so at most two times to complete the printing of paper.

6: spot color deployment. From the customer's information, most customers give the color of Pantone spot color chromatography. The tag will generally have the customer logo on behalf of the brand image of the color, the color matching customers quite demanding (even higher customer requirements of high-end packaging industry), so it has very high requirements on the accuracy of the spot color matching. The proposed purchase of Pantone certified spot color ink as the basis of color, in accordance with the formula given in the chromatography, combined with the factory situation to deploy, generally meet customer requirements. When blending colors, it is better to standardize the operation, record the color formula, establish a color library of the factory, and make it easy to make a single arrangement. A qualified factory can use an ink color matching system. This system is very mature, can reduce the demand for color matching personnel, and improve the efficiency of color matching. Color matching judgments can be combined with instrumental data and human subjective analysis, and different customers may have different requirements.


     Matters needing attention

Matters needing attention in printing. You can set the standard slightly larger pressure, so that the color will be more plain and beautiful. The amount of water on the dirty is not as small as possible, to avoid excessive emulsification, causing dirt and other issues. In order to print the colors on the spot, the average ink layer thickness is greater than the conventional four color printing ink layer thickness. In particular, attention should be paid to the amount of powder control, after the general assembly, the quality of processing, too little, there is the risk of dirty. While controlling the amount of powder spraying, it is necessary to strictly limit the height of the paper. According to the spot color area and the thickness of the ink layer, the paper will be replaced in time after the paper reaches a certain height. I plant in a certain height after the paper, stand up on the shelf, so that it can be more effective to avoid rubbing dirty, while conducive to air access, to accelerate ink drying. Many tags are full field background or almost full field, in this case the background is light is not a big problem, but if it is dark, such as deep blue, black, a printing even large amount of ink is difficult to reach the field density requirements, at the same time due to falling paper powder and paper surface particles. There will be a lot of white spots, so the best in the two edition and printing, can effectively avoid the white spots ,can also go paper twice, but in need of strict set should be avoided on time. Tag printing there is another difficulty is that the ink is very demanding. The typesetting number, a lot of sheet printing version, not only to control sheet between the same color, but also pay special attention to the different location of the color difference on a printed sheet. Sometimes a sheet before cutting look very uniform color, but color is found after the incision, different ink thickness leads to different area. If you have a color measurement instrument, you can easily check out, if not, you can cut contrast, adjust ink quantity. In general, as long as the attention to the existence of this problem, can improve, and improve the effect depends largely on the captain's judgment and regulation.
Oil and varnish. In most cases, customers rarely require the tag to be oiled or polished, but we generally recommend the customer to increase the process, mainly because of the use and production of the tag. Because the tag is usually hung directly on the clothes, it will directly and cloth surface corresponding friction. Mentioned above, tag printing content mostly large amount of ink on the spot, on the plastic film. Earlier mentioned the film to avoid fading problems. Under the condition that the varnish is not good, it is suggested to improve the color fastness by laminating. What should pay attention to is the choice of film mulching. Water coated film is inferior to oil in fastness.
Cutting and creasing of finished products. Attention should be paid to the full version of the site of the tag, it is best to double row cutter cutting, or paper cutter slope side of the fracture prone to white edge. In particular, the full version of the field of double powder paper is more serious, with new knife and change the cutting pressure has not improved significantly. When creasing, pay attention to whether the paper will split after folding. Because the tag selected paper is generally thick, and for the field printing, if the color is deeper, then the paper has a little cracking, the feeling will be obvious.