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Each step of the tag design

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 04, 2017

Tags are actually offset printing paper products. There are screen printing of plastic products, etc.. Offset printing principle is relatively simple, but the quality of machinery and equipment directly affect the quality ; paper processing is more flexible, you can carry out a variety of processing, it is easier to express the designer's original soul.

About plastic chapter: plastic chapter, also known as drip plastic chapter, or PVC chapter, through engraving mold, high temperature stereotypes and other processes, product features for the expression of flexible, full of three-dimensional effect. In recent years, the brand has expressed more prominent means.

About PVC, LOGO:PVC, LOGO, the use of artificial leather and a variety of plastic rich plasticity, coupled with screen printing and high frequency hot pressing and other processing, to obtain all kinds of material soft flexible shape.
A reflective material: reflective material, using reflective lattice reflective coatings, strengthen the light reflection effect, in the light or dark condition, can make the marker particularly conspicuous.

A 3D calibration: 3D calibration, also known as color standard. Using optical principles, the patterns are printed on the grating as many as eight times, so that the patterns have a stereoscopic effect, or from different angles they can see patterns at different levels. Even if the plane sign moves.

About hanging particles: hanging grain, specially for the development and application of clothing injection molding process, with a one-time use function and strong brand appeal function.