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Label printing and label color

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 04, 2017

Each mark has different colors, the customer's request for color will be different. Each customer mark requirements are not the same, and some requirements are not very color, as long as 80% similarity can be OK, and some of the color requirements of the more color, you need to do more than 95% of the similarity.
         Of course, we all hope that we can try to do the most perfect mark to the customer, and the correct matching of colors plays a decisive role in the overall effect of the mark!


Trademark weaving is made of yarn, so the color will be fitted according to paired yarn color marks, the premise is the need in light of the circumstances. With the label is different printed label, it is made according to the different materials, we label knitting factory general Pantone color to the color, if the client knows Pantone color number, can directly tell the manufacturer, let him give you color OK.

         The color or gradient color mark weaving or mark, making the difficulty a little big. General weaving machine, can produce up to 12 colors, and the printing machine according to the performance of different market, India ma do gradient color difficulty is very pale, especially in more than 4 colors.