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 Wood shuttle woven label   RZH_MSZM_11 - Wooden shuttle weaving

Wood shuttle woven label RZH_MSZM_11

Reuners is professional customized brand,products are woven label,printed label,tags,hanging tablets,leather cards,stickers, plastic seals,bags,packing boxes.

  • 【Product】 : Wood shuttle woven label

  • 【Material】 : Dacron,cloth,cotton,nylon,cotton yarn,weft

  • 【Technology】 : Screen printing,embossing,printing,weaving selvage and trimming

  • 【Main Function】 : Labels for bags,garments,shoes,home textiles.

  • 【Customization】 : In accordance with customer demand,can also be customized according to our samples.

Wooden spindle machine woven label generally do Satin standard, but it is difficult to express the satin, commonly used hot color ,dyeing process to solve this problem.The machine that makes the edge is commonly have wooden  spindle machine, color cannot exceed 4 kinds commonly.





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